What We Do

WaterDog Studio is primarily a music, recording and sound production service. We also offer consultation and education on music and technology.

Our bread and butter is creating musical scores for film, animation, dance and performance. We can also offer voice-over and character voices. We specialize in working in collaboration with visual and movement artists. 

We also assist artists of all persuasions with studio setup, performances, and installations for galleries and other public spaces.

WaterDog Studio has also recently begun to offer recording and production for songwriters and musicians in the Portland area. One facet of this is what we call “creative facilitation,” where we collaborate with artists as a combination of engineer, mentor and producer. I meet so many musicians who are frustrated when the vagaries of computers and technology get in the way of their creativity. We are happy to we help artists with the technical side so that they can focus on getting their songs realized without a lot of fuss.

Honestly, I’m pretty much up to try anything musical or sound related. Let’s talk!