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WaterDog Studio is primarily a music, recording and sound production service. We also offer consultation and education on music and technology.

Our bread and butter is creating musical scores for video, dance and performance, working in collaboration with visual and movement artists. 

We also assist visual artists with sound and musical installations for galleries and have even helped teams make musical instruments out of walls and staircases.

WaterDog Studio has also recently begun to offer recording and producing for songwriters and musicians in the Portland area. One facet of this is what we call “creative facilitation,” which is where we collaborate with artist as a combination of engineer, mentor and producer. I meet so many musicians who are frustrated with using computers and technology that they can’t get to the core of their creativity. We are happy to we help with all that so that they can focus on getting their songs recorded and mixed without a lot of fuss.

Have an old cassette, DAT or reel to reel tape lying around? We can digitize it and hand it back to you in the format of your choice – and, if you like, clean up and enhance the recording for you. That’s our audio restoration sideline!

Another new sideline for WaterDog are “Pet Themes.” Most of us sing songs to our pets. If you have a pet theme song that you would like to have recorded for prosperity, WaterDog will be glad to arrange and record a short version of it in any style you choose. Is your cat a secret agent? Is your dog a canine cowgirl? WaterDog can create a theme song just for them. These are also great gifts for the pet lover in your life.

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