About WaterDog

Since 1994, WaterDog Studio has been creating music and sound design for performance, theater, dance, animation, games, video and installation.  

WaterDog Studio is a commercial sound and music production studio headed by composer, musician and sound artist Heather Perkins, a lifelong student of music and sound with an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording from Oakland’s Mills College. 

In addition to music and sound design, WaterDog Studio also offers production services, audio archiving and restoration, consulting and education, and “creative facilitation” for those who want to work on their music without the technology getting in the way. 

WaterDog has been lucky enough to work with clients on projects big and small, with formats and venues ranging from cavernous arenas to handheld devices. From her first success scoring (and helping to develop) the first web-based animated greeting cards during the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, we’ve worked on TV ads, short films, video games, dance scores, theatrical sound design, animation, and large arena ceremonies (Winter Olympics, San Antonio Spurs).

We’ve also helped many local musicians with recording, producing and remixing their work, and presented to local classes (PNCA, Art Institute, PSU) about music and Sound Design.

Contact us today to see how we might help you sonify your project or unlock your own creative potential.